You should reward yourself: If you think of your movie going experience as a reward, your choice of movies will be drastically different, and they’ll increase in value and satisfaction. It is possible to reward yourself with whatever you want: a hard week working at home, finishing your project on time as well as meeting new people or inviting someone to the most memorable event. With all these technological issues to be considered, how do you choose the perfect movie for the right occasion? It’s a lot easier said than done but really, it is extremely simple. Here’s how:

Research before you go to see a movie. This is to ensure that you don’t get disappointed. Choose the venue first as this could mean driving for forty minutes or more, or just enjoying the luxury of watching at home. You can find the movie’s address online. Then, you can call the theater and confirm the details and เว็บหนังโป๊ญี่ปุ่น  reserve your tickets by phone or on the web. You can borrow or rent a DVD from a friend for movies that aren’t accessible in cinemas.

If you decide to go that extra mile, to the mall or the distant theatre, it’s worth the effort. If you are making a movie choice don’t pick a film that is loved by all and try something different unless you’re sure this is the one. Beware of the crowd opinion and the”everyone loves it” mentality. It is important to look for films that challenge you intellectually and solve a challenge or address an need. There is always something to learn after watching your movie.

Here’s an example Following the film The Cinderella Man, I realized that men are, designed to be the mainstay of their family; and that courage is more than mere words of mouth It requires sacrifices and the willingness to risk everything. Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington’s “Glory” showed me that even a single man can have an impact on the lives of those around him. It is worth the risk to challenge the structures of power. Thus, if we keep to our small corners, the change we want is not likely to happen. There are risks in the pursuit of excellence, as well as a bigger reward in ceasing each given moment.

I also remembered the emotions I had after watching “A Beautiful Mind” and “Field of Dreams” featuring Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner or “Life” as well as Martin Lawrence, King of the Kick Boxers with Billy Blanks, and “Everyone’s Fine” featuring Robert De Niro…just just a few of the many unforgettable moments I’ve cherished throughout the many years. Many were filled with joy, tears, triumph, courage, hopes and dreams, however, they were a great time spent.

There are big benefits in selecting the right film instead of following the trend. If you have watched this year’s Academy film, you will be able to see that Hurt Locker was not the most talked about film and yet it certainly deserved the spotlight over Avatar when all was said and done.

A few people choose films based on their favorite actor/actress however however you choose, a great movie makes more for a great conversation with others you meet. Movies can help you to be able to understand and connect gaps between nations.

I could go for ages but here’s what really want you to take away by reading this article. your movie going is a wonderful experience that can lift your spirits, encourage you, make you cry at times and bring you to tears, open your eyes to fresh perspectives as well as revealing truths and thrilling adventures, bring people together by breaking down barriers and create new barriers of faith and hope and encourage people to imagine, even at least for a short time.

Movies are my favorite thing because they tell the tales of all human beings. They also provide an tangible way to remember old memories. Every film and every tale told through motion pictures conceals a reality or realism. However, while they aren’t all good for the soul, movie going is a pleasure that you can enjoy even from the comforts of your bed. Wherever you decide to go, make it memorable. Here’s to your next experience! Lights…Camera…Action…Life!

Andrew Guy is a highly sought-after Motivational Speaker. Andrew Guy is well-known for his witty approach to breaking down the myths about Leadership and Health, as well as advocating for health and wellness, and communicating positive messages to the youth.

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