Roulette Rules and Tips

Roulette is a chance-based game. You have a chance of winning 47% be successful if you pick a color. There are numerous roulette rules you should follow in both the table game as well as online roulette. There are many tips.


Roulette is a result of the enthusiasm of a mathematician Blaise Pascal, who was born in 17th century France. Francois Blanc, another Frenchman established the first casinos in Monte Carlo, including some roulette wheels. Since it was among the first casino games played in casinos, it’s often referred to the King of Casino Games.

Roulette eventually came to US casinos as well. The  PG SLOT amount of “0s” is what is what makes US roulette distinct from European roulette. The US roulette wheel has “0” and “00 slots. There is only one “0” slot is found on the European wheel. It’s a small difference but the second “00slot increases the odds of winning for the house by 5.3%. European roulette comes with an 2.7 percent house edge.

Roulette Rules

Always get your roulette chips from the Croupier at the table at which you’re playing at. You will be assigned an color by the croupier.

After the dealer (also known as the Croupier) has “closed” a table, which is normally accomplished by moving a hand across it, you should not make or take any further bets.

Never touch the wheel or the ball.

Roulette is a very simple game. All you have to choose is where and how much you’d like to bet. There are 47 places you can place a bet in the United States, and 46 places in Europe.

There is the possibility of placing multiple bets in one location. There are inside and outside bets. If they are not explicitly excluded (excluded from all bets outside) 0, 00 and 0 are always lost bets. Line bets can be included in inside bets. The inside betting options are: One Number – put a chip on a particular number, with 0 and 00 as well; odds of winning 37:1; pay out 35:1.

Line Betting:

Two Numbers: Place a chips in a line that spans two numbers (on the line between 1 and 2, for example) The odds of winning 19:1; payout 17:1

Three Numbers/Row Bet: place chips on the line that connects a row (outside line 1 2 3, for instance); odds of winning 11.667:1 Payout 11:1.

Row 00: Place the chip in the row with zero and 00; odds of winning 18:1; payout 17:1.

Five Numbers: Place the chips on the line connecting zero, 00, 1, 2, 3; chances of winning 6.6:1 6.1% payout

Outside Bets:

Dozens – Place a coin in the slot marked 1st 12, 2 or 3rd 12. If the winning number is in your bet area the winner will receive. Chances of winning 2.167%1 Payout 2:1

Columns: Place the chip at the bottom of the long column of numbers. If you win, the winning number is in the column you bet, then you win. Probabilities of winning 2.167%1 Payout 2:1

Red or Black You can place a bet inside the box marked as Red/Black If the winning number matches the colour of your the odds are that you win. Probabilities of winning 1.111 to 1; payout 1:1

Odd or even – Put your chips in the box marked Odd/Even. If the winning number happens to be odd and you make an Odd wager, you will take home. Odds of winning 1.111:1 1:1 payout

1-18 or 19-36 : place a chip in the box that is marked 1-18 or 19-3; if the winning number falls within the bet range you set, you win. Odds of winning 1.111:1 1:1 payout

Online Roulette

Like many other online games, provides the chance to practice the game without having to make serious mistakes. It allows a player to understand the rules and strategies of the game as well as practice new strategies before heading to the casino. There’s usually a countdown clock to let players know how long they have to bet before a table is closed, which is different from the casino experience.

The rules for online roulette are similar to the rules of brick mortar casinos. The odds are similar and so are the winnings. Online minimum bets can reduce the risk of losing by varying from pennies to thousands of dollar.

Tips Roulette Rules

There are nearly every strategy available there are players playing roulette. Here are some roulette strategies to use when betting on the game regardless of the table is on or off:

Make sure to change your bets frequently for at least 8 spins . The reason for this in theory is because it’s unlikely that the same bet will hit twice within 8 spins

If you intend to play more than 36 spins, you should put the same amount each time. This is due to the fact that it’s highly probable that a particular number will land 1/36 times. You’ll get back your money and play with the house money.

Never bet on green – this strategy doesn’t really work. While the numbers 0 and 100 are “house numbers” (they are the reason why odds are in favor of the house), the chances of either or both hitting are the same as for any other number.

This strategy is 47% efficient if you only bet on red (or even black). The same is true for the odd/even strategy or 1-18/19-36.

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