Fish As Your Very First Pet

One mistake commonly made by fish beginners is not understanding the difference between salt water and fresh water fish. Salt water fish are for the highly dedicated people who have lots of time and money. The salt content, ph levels, temperatures and water levels need to be checked twice a week due to evaporation and the addition of food. If even one of these things is off by a little bit, all your expensive fish will die. These kits that check the water are not cheap. One thing to keep in mind is that both fresh water and salt water can offer fish that have brilliant colors and long flowing fins. I would leave the expensive salt water fish alone.The Martian Cone Bubbler (2.45") | Shag Alternative Superstore

Before we move on to freshwater fish, we need to talk about some of the equipment that you need to keep in mind for your tank. It is very important to remember that the water must be circulating at all times. This can be achieved by using the waterfall filtration system that comes with you medium sized tank, or you can get a small electric motor that blows bubbles into the tank. I would definitely not recommend the waterfall filter. The suction is so great from the tube inside the aquarium that often very healthy fish will get stuck to it and die. Even if you find the fish alive while being stuck to the tube, he has about two or three days left to live dab rigs . It seems to suck the life right out of them. The bubbler is much safer for all of your fish. You may need to get a small water heater as well for the winter. The tank should be around 72 degrees. There are little stick-on thermometers which will tell you the tank temperature. Many aquariums come with a light. It is not recommended that you keep this light on all the time. It makes the water very warm. Light and warmth grows green algae, which means you will need to change the water and scrub the glass frequently.

When you first bring your fish home, float the bag of fish in the aquarium for about 30 minutes to make the temperature equalized. This will reduce the chance of the fish going into shock. The second thing you need to do is float the water in chlorine free water. That means tap water must be treated before the fish are released. It is simple to take the chlorine out of the water. You can either let the water stand for about three or four days before you put your fish in it, or you can buy a small bottle of chlorine remover. If your water supply is taken near the end of the river or if you know a lot of stuff is dumped in the water before it is processed your fish may still die from either of these techniques. If this does happen you may have to resort to bottled water.

One fresh water fish you need to stay away from is the goldfish. I know that they are very cheap fish and if they die you don’t really care, but something you need to keep in mind with goldfish is that they are extremely dirty. They make the water cloudy, which means you need to change the water every week or two. If the water is left for too long then it will turn a cloudy green. Good luck finding your fish in that. They also defecate a lot, which also contributes to the water change. However, one interesting thing about goldfish is you can always tell when they are growing when they get black spots. I know they are cheap, but they are also a lot of work.

Ghost shrimp are a cheap alternative to goldfish. You can see through them. You can even see their heart beating and the food moving through their bodies. You can even see an egg pouch. All they do is clean the tank, so you never will as long as you don’t turn on the aquarium light. They can live in small and big aquariums. If you get a bunch of them they will have babies. However, ghost shrimp cannot be in the tank with anything else. To other fish, they are delicious snack on legs. Once a ghost shrimp dies it immediately turns a bright white.

Two fish I have been very happy with are tiger barbs and guppies. The tiger barbs will devour anything else in the tank in about two days. This has its pro’s and con’s. The pro is that you never have to remove a dead fish from the aquarium. It will probably be gone before you can get the net out, bones and all. A con is that you cannot buy any other type of fish for the aquarium. Even if you buy a bigger fish, they will start attacking it.

Guppies are really fun. They actually get pregnant and have live babies. Females are usually a little bigger and less colorful than the males. At the store, they are usually separated so you will know exactly how many of each gender you are buying. They usually have about ten babies at a time. When the babies are born you have two options. You can either place them in a separate tank or you can arrange your tank to have some hiding places so the other fish don’t eat them.

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