I Hope Santa Brings Every Security Guard A Stun Baton For Christmas

Security guards are, in my opinion, one of the most misunderstood, underappreciated, and misrepresented professions in the entire world. They are so often portrayed and thought of as being under qualified and lazy when quite often the exact opposite is closer to the truth. Security guards are very often the first, last and only line of defense that a person or business has against intruders and that fact alone necessitates the need for security guards to have some measure of protecting themselves against these intruders.Luxury Concierge Mayfair, London - Claridge's

Firearms are certainly not an option for the vast majority of security guards and for obvious reasons. The qualifications to be a security personnel are often not as strict as those to become a law enforcement agent and we do not need untrained or under qualified personnel roaming about with deadly weapons. Any option for a security guard should certainly be effective, to help protect the security guard, but also non-lethal, to help protect the general public. So where does that leave us? Well, it leaves us with several options for weapons of non-lethal self-defense. Pepper spray and stun guns being the two most prominent and reasonable alternatives to firearms.

Pepper spray is very effective and has the advantage of giving a security guard a safe distance from which to use this weapon as most defensive sprays have an effective range of about 6 to 8 feet. One disadvantage to pepper spray are that an assailant, although somewhat unlikely, could potentially fight through the pain of the pepper spray and continue attacking. Another disadvantage would be that the pepper spray could potentially be wrestled from the guard by the assailant and used against the guard. Stun guns are great because an attacker loses the ability to ‘fight through the pain’ because stun guns do not work on the premise of causing an attacker pain but completely incapacitating them by disrupting their normal neurological processes through security companies the use of a high voltage electrical current. The disadvantage with traditional stun guns is that they lack any range and must be physically touching an attacker in order to work and that means extremely close combat situations which could prove disadvantageous for the guard. It should be noted that stun guns remain non-lethal as the current of electricity that they emit is high voltage but low amperage and it is in fact amps that prove fatal, not volts. This is where the stun baton can prove to be so useful. It combines the advantages of completely incapacitating an assailant with the reach of a pepper spray. The retractable stun baton by Stun Master, for example, measures almost 2 feet when fully extended and that allows the security guard another 2 foot cushion from which to work if he or she should find themselves in a physical confrontation with an intruder.

So if your business has security guards why don’t you do them a huge favor this Christmas and have Santa Claus bring them a stun baton this year. This will help ensure the safety of your security guard, the general public, your business and even the assailant.


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