Popular Cartoon Network Shows

The Cartoon Network has around 58 shows that they feature regularly; however there are a few special ones that have drawn kids right in and are worth checking out. You can find Japanese import manga comics as well as traditional kids favorites such as hot wheels and Tom and Jerry.Anime vs Manga: The Comparison That Tells Everything - The Teal Mango

The show follows a 10-year old named Ben Tennyson that finds a mysterious device, which allows him to turn into a variety of different alien heroes. The mystery device is an alien watch that he discovers and wears เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์. Each alien has his a special power that he can use in his daily adventures. The show is usually animated, however a few episodes have been live action. The story goes that the alien watch combines with Ben’s DNA, combining the two and permitting Ben to choose an alien form to take. You can still follow the original series “Ben 10”, however now spinoff series’ such as “Ben 10: Alien Force” and ‘Ben 10: Ultimate Alien” also exist.

Naruto is an ongoing Japanese comic series that has been imported from Japan. The main character is Naruto and he is a young boy that has the “Nine-Tailed Demon Fox” sealed within him, which is the most powerful of a tailed beast. Tailed beasts are monsters, which form the “Ten-Tailed Beast”, who possess an unspeakable power that can be harnessed by an individual if all are collected. In the story, Naruto and two other friends form a team called, “Team 7” and are Ninjas. These ninjas are given the task of protecting one of many villages. Each episode follows these ninjas as they complete different tasks and as they learn new abilities.

Another American show that can be found on the Cartoon Network is “Young Justice”, which is an adaptation of the entire DC Universe. The show focuses on the young superheroes in their teenage years and the story of them evolving from sidekicks to full-blown superheroes. You get to see how each got their start and the experiences that helped shape them later in life. The main setting is the fictional universe of “Earth-16”, in a time when superheroes were a relatively new phenomenon. The show is relatively new and made its debut in January 2011. Some of the main characters are Kid Flash, Robin, Aqualad and Speedy. It’s definitely worth a few episodes as you go back in time and get to know DC’s secondary characters.

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