The COVID-19 Pandemic: Topics for Research

Pandemics in human history always often effect in untold plus sometimes unparalleled conditions that would need excellent thinkers to offer solutions. Researchers happen to be positive opportunists which do not relent in their work in continually checking out the ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘who’, and ‘how’ of every situation just to bring alleviation to mankind. Within the current break out, researchers in typically the diverse disciplines need to think of the way to offer a fresh lens of knowing towards the outbreak and more importantly offer you urgent methods to it is associated challenges that threaten human buildings for survival.

Since the outbreak in the COVID-19 global outbreak, scholars in the particular field of Health and Allied Sciences include started investigating the etiology, epidemiology, pathophysiology, histopathology, clinical evaluation/treatment/management and diagnosis associated with the COVID-19. Some sort of survey of the scholarly works inside this field indicates great contributions associated with Asian researchers, especially from China, where the outbreak began. These hardworking scientists never relented throughout their efforts in investigating medically, precisely what should be performed to fight the particular virus. These impressive researchers kept in pursuing this path even under perilous working conditions of which led to the loss of some. They have got truly demonstrated and even shown what researchers must do most the time in constantly searching regarding methods to alleviate the pain of these fellow humans during periods of pandemic. Nevertheless , Travel vaccines has to be able to be done by their particular colleagues in other countries. There is a need for medical scientists to investigate the genome sequence in the novel coronavirus in various regions of the world. Interestingly, some other scholars in the field of remedies are busily investigating this phenomenon in order to inform knowledgeably around the coronavirus, suggesting preventive steps and more notably, finding medical treatment and vaccine in order to fully combat this. For instance, although medical scientists flick through the lens regarding orthodox medicine, natural practitioners are testing on ways involving using herbal extracts in producing medicine that can boost the immune system and provide a solid immune buffer to be able to fight the coronavirus. These efforts usually are commendable. More operate has to get done in searching with regard to more efficient way of conducting tests on the subject of COVID-19 patients, carrying out contact tracing, and precautionary/preventive measures for the coronavirus.

Researchers in the field of Engineering, particularly Personal computer and Mechanical Testing are devising technology to help within mitigating the spread with the COVID-19. Electronic technologies such as drones and robocops have been designed and used in some countries, in order to sum up, manual enforcement of lockdowns. Likewise, mobile systems such as typically the development of new apps for get in touch with tracing of people of the COVID-19 along with those that have had connection with them are getting designed. For example, MIT researchers will be developing a system based on synthetic intelligence to complement the manual make contact with tracing carried out by open public health personnel that will relies on short-range Bluetooth signals coming from smartphones. In South Africa, ambulances gifted with automated test out kits and research laboratory services designed since a result involving diligent efforts found in research are utilized inside of testing and tracking persons with all the COVID-19 even in distant, hard-to-reach areas. Inside of Ghana, the Ministry of Health lately launched the COVID-19 app for dating people infected or who have acquired connection with carriers involving the COVID-19 disease. These technologies created as an outcome of rigorous studies by some mechanised engineers in addition to computer hardware and application engineers are being deployed to help in the combat the COVID-19. Even more technological tools in order to fight the coronavirus are still needed and dedicated analysts in the field of engineering are constantly on the table investigating these types of potentials.

Researchers inside agriculture has a new great research activity in stock for them. The lockdown has led to some sort of high record regarding postharvest losses inside of countries. What will be the efficient ways of mitigating post-harvest losses during durations of pandemic and even lockdowns? How might farmers use online marketing strategies and platforms for connecting to clients to patronize their products to prevent them from taking on high financial losses? What can typically the ministry of foodstuff and agriculture do to assist these types of poor farmers throughout managing the turmoil of lockdowns? Precisely what are some of the efficient ways typically the perishable farm develop could be processed into non-perishable items by food companies? These are superb themes that value investigation by agriculturalists during this pandemic break out. Sadly, studies inside these areas are yet to get undertaken.

The tourism in addition to hospitality management market have been hit greatly due to be able to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many scheduled tours and tourism actions have been terminated due to traveling bans and lockdowns. Roughly the tourism sector globally is going to lose high earnings up to the associated with close to two billion money. This is the particular time researchers in tourism and food management might look at virtual means of advertising these tourism internet sites through intensified study into smart travel and e-tourism. This kind of growing field inside tourism will not be assigned much attention, specially in developing countries. This pandemic period of time should be the time that experts in this discipline would find ways of increasing public knowing of smart tourism plus e-tourism.

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