Video Marketing is now a major element of digital marketing

In simple terms, the definition of video marketing is using video to advertise or market your product, brand or service. This is helpful for SEO because it increases click through rates and the ranking of search engines. YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google. To reach your target audience YouTube is the most effective platform for you to upload your videos properly tagged on YouTube and it can do amazing for your SEO.

Current business impact:

According to statistics from recent reports according to recent statistics, 63% of companies and organisations have begun to use video marketing. In the 82% of businesses believe this type of marketing strategy is a crucial part of their plan. It’s growing rapidly and is expected to reach new heights faster than we anticipate.


1. It is easy to accessIt is easy to access a variety of platforms to market on. With smartphones, consumers have access to videos at any time and anyplace, something that  isn’t possible with traditional marketing. Marketers can reach their audience any time and anywhere at less cost.

2. Enhances Sales and Conversions The addition of a video about your product on your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Videos can also lead directly to sales and make significant money. Recent research shows that 74% of those who watched an explanation video of a product bought it.

3. The ROI of The production of video isn’t an easy or inexpensive task, so online editing tools are always updating and improving in order in order to make it more affordable. 83% of companies have shown that video content can yield a good return on investment. A better quality content is more essential than a high-quality video.

4. They’re emotional. The human connection made through video is much more effective than reading facts in text. Video allows you to directly call to emotion centre of the brain via music. Through video, you’re also able attach an image to a concept.

5. Build trust YouTube has emerged as the most influential social media platform to advertise your brand. Many consumers have doubts when purchasing online products because of fraud and scams but effective video marketing could show products in a more casual format. The majority of consumers are more confident in purchasing online after watching related clip.

6. Attracts Mobile Users Video and smartphones go hand in hand. The majority of people watch them on mobile. YouTube data shows that the number of people who watch mobile videos rises by 100% every year. Because smartphone users are growing each day, and more people want to watch videos on the go, the viewers continue to grow larger.

7. It is easier to explain after launching new product or service, create a video to demonstrate the process of how it works. It will give more impact on people’s understanding of the new product rather than just facts or text. This is why videos of products or services that are featured on the homepage of a websites can be extremely effective in boosting business.


Since Video Marketing is now a major element of digital marketing digital marketer should know everything about it. The number of people who are interested in marketing is growing everyday and every minute. Thus handling such amount of audience can be tricky therefore a well-planned and efficient digital marketing strategies are necessary.

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